30 minute session to do a brief history and examination face to face with Dr. Jeremy. This session is designated for patients who:

  • Are new and are unsure about what to expect
  • Have not had success with other medical professionals
  • Are unsure about their injury and if we can help
  • Suffering from any type of pain
  • Want to return to training, sports, performance, exercise pain-free


Receive a thorough examination in order to establish an accurate diagnosis where we then put together the best possible treatment plan together tailored to each individual.

We combine Muscle Release Techniques, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Dermal Traction, Neurodynamic Techniques, McKenzie Techniques, Functional Taping and Chiropractic Adjustments to reduce pain and restore optimal function. Our Chiropractic care takes on a neurocentric approach to musculoskeletal conditions, allowing for a high functioning nervous system that will allow you to move optimally and pain free. Joint manipulations and mobilizations of the spine and extremities are safe and extremely effective in restoring functional movement. Our manual therapies not only address muscle adhesion, but also fascial restrictions and scar tissue. The Neurodynamic and Dermal Traction techniques assess and treat neural tissue within the body. Mobilizing peripheral nerves and creating space around superficial neurology bring about pain free movement and promote the body’s potential to repair and heal itself.


We utilize innovative corrective exercises in order to help you build a foundation of stability and endurance after pain has dissipated. A combination of several techniques and philosophies are used to individualize each program and restore pain free movement, empowering patients with their own injury resilience and maximizing performance. We use movement evaluations and exercise interventions based on scientific literature. We are unique because we apply corrective exercises and rehab to specific injuries with the effective dosage in order for our patients to succeed. We also teach the patient how to apply these movements to everyday activities so their results will last longer and so they feel empowered. The customized programs are designed to help you address and balance out movement patterns, increase range of motion and stabilize your positions, so that you can perform without limitations and build the strength and endurance you desire to achieve your goals.


We bring an evidence based approach to nutrition and tailor every program to your specific goal. Not only will we provide guidelines and a plan, we will also help educate you and teach you the science behind proper nutrition. Restoring metabolism and gut health, along with necessary supplementation is provided. We do not give you a generic cookie cutter “diet,” we give you a custom plan that you will enjoy and adhere to in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We will do an in depth analysis to understand your history and goals. After coming up with a custom program, we will communicate together and make necessary modifications as you begin to learn and adapt. There is a ton of nutritional information out there, and our job here is to make it very simple for you and sift out the noise. We will discuss factors that influence eating behavior, how to shop at the grocery store efficiently, and how to eat mindfully during difficult scenarios. You will be provided with enough information so that you will have clarity and be successful with your nutrition in the future on your own.

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