The BEST Way to Train Your CORE!

A common question I am frequently asked in clinical practice is, “what is the best way to train my core?” Before we answer that, we need to understand a few important concepts that will help clear up any misconceptions about training core: Defining “Core” What is the difference: Stability vs. StrengthWhat is the difference: Muscle Action Vs. Muscle FunctionPlanes of Motion  First and foremost, let us define the ever so popular word, “core,” and what it entails so that we can be more clear on how to train it. Your core includes the entire trunk region, or pillar as I like to call it in practice, from your lats to your glutes and everything in between, and arguably even more. One might argue that it basically goes, “From my chest pubes all the way down to my ball fro,” (Doback, 2008). The Diaphragm, your main muscle of respiration, and your pelvic floor are essentially the North and South Poles of your core. There is a very complex and unique part of the body that exists from our…

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